What is the Future of Amazon’s Uninspired Prime Video Anyway?

What is the Future of Amazon’s Uninspired Prime Video Anyway?

Just when I think Amazon has something worth watching in their mostly uninspired prime video selection, I discover the show has already been axed by their short-sighted leader. It seems Bezos slashed the niche programming after the former Studio President Roy Price was removed recently. I read that Price has been replaced by an ABC and Fox apostle. Not that I care about who has the job, but when Amazon has finally started making some headway into the original series area with something fairly entertaining, it’s a huge disappointment to learn they’re headed in a different direction.

Bezos wants programming that can grab an international audience. Amazon wants to be HBO. Well, Amazon wants to be everything, but they have a long way to go before touching the level of series HBO delivers.

I will tell you that when I’m dying to watch something new, I rarely turn to Amazon prime. There are two reasons; Amazon doesn’t offer much, and their delivery format is clunky. And now they’ve just irritated the heck out of me.

So, what am I up in arms over today? Jean-Claude Van Johnson. It is so cleverly written and entertaining, I was hooked immediately. JCVD’s character (himself) was fun to watch. He had great character moments, and never a second thought about making fun of himself for our entertainment. The supporting cast of characters were almost as interesting and everybody had a backstory that pushed some limits. Honestly, as silly as the show is, it still had chops. I don’t see a lot of chops out there.

If you want some good laughs, and you’re not familiar with JCVD, take a look. He’s worth it.