4 Weeks Until Production

4 Weeks Until Production

Hello Friends —

We are just 4 weeks out from shooting. 4 weeks. It sounds like a long time, but it will be here in a blink.

We’ve toured the location — one of the sound stages at Television City in Hollywood. It’s pretty freaking huge (15,000sq ft). Since touring the space a week ago, my DP has drawn up a light plot for the four separate sets the Production Designer has designed. We’ve started the casting process and (as you know) we’ve launched our campaign. Things are happening and they’re happening fast.

This week we’ll meet with Women in Media to discuss Covid19 guidelines, budget and plans. I’ll be connecting with my DP to start figuring how we’re shooting this, which means all the ideas I’ve had will need to be flushed out even more. This is very exciting.

On the tour, I stood in the middle of the room (see video) and took it all in. I felt small at first. And then, a smile bloomed across my face as everything started to sink in — I get to run this room. Holy shit.


Yes, there are dozens of people supporting this project in so many different ways, but this grew from my brain.

This grew from the hours and hours of writing it took to craft almost 30 different drafts. This grew from the years of writing I’ve put in- long before I had heard of Women in Media.

As I stood in the center of that room, I thought about the dozens off women working on this project, and how fortunate I am to have their support. And how we all need each other to make this happen.

This could have been a small project and that would have been great. But it’s not. It’s the biggest project Women in Media has undertaken. It’s the biggest project I’ve undertaken. And in 4 weeks, I will be directing a group of talented and amazing actors who are bringing this big vision to life.

The women working on this project will add to their CVs, will further their skills and knowledge, and will grow as result off the challenges.

I know I have.

And I’m grateful for that. And I’m grateful for you and your support.

We’ll keep you posted!