Surprise Casting Changes Script

Surprise Casting Changes Script


Just in: Ermine, a grandmotherly figure who has worked at SIA for years has been cast.

Ermine sees so much of herself in Lana, and yet, being a mother isn’t easy and Ermine has strong opinions on that topic. But who’s playing the role of Ermine? The amazing actress I cast isn’t what I imagined when I wrote the part.

This talented and funny actress had a recurring role on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Her comedy credits include voice-over work in great animated films and television series, starring opposite Richard Prior and Jim Carrey, but before we announce her…


It’s been truly amazing to watch our SMASHED community grow. When we started the fundraising campaign a little over two weeks ago, we were nervous. Raising $15,000 in 30 days is a formidable goal. We weren’t sure we could do it, but  we knew the success of SMASHED relied on this campaign. No pressure, right!

Dozens of people have given hundreds of hours in development and pre-production building the foundation of this behemoth project. It’s been an exciting and challenging journey and we could not have come this far without the support of our ever-growing community. Women like Savvy Jaye (helped with the look book and film color), Aeolan Kelly (post-production supervisor, Holly Lander (art/set design), Caryn Ruby (script supervisor), Judi Bell (costume/wardrobe, Sarah Benedict (art director, Dana Walker (fundraising marketing coordinator, Jordan Deveix (makeup), Ashly Covington (photography), Moe Sherwood (makeup), Susan Deming (casting director), Yelena Krivosheyeva (Asst. Director), Toni Vaugh (Executive Assistant to Director), Rachael Hastings (DP), Naoe Jamon (2nd Cam Unit) and so many others… your positive attitudes, undaunted commitment and fantastic fortitude are the reason we’ve come this far. THANK YOU. 

And to our wonderful support base — friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers — who believe in us and this project enough to bring it to life – THANK YOU! 


Meet Teresa Ganzel as Ermine! We are thrilled to bring this comedy veteran to Team SMASHED!  Ms. Ganzel has voiced characters in animated films like WALL-E, Monsters Inc and Cars, and has starred in dozens of television comedy series. This shoot is going to rock!

Teresa on Johnny 300x286 - Surprise Casting Changes Script

As we face the final 12 days, with a mere $2,800 to raise to reach our $15,000, we invite you to keep sharing this campaign. Keep sharing the social media posts. Keep sending folks to our Seed & Spark so they can follow us! 

Together, we are building something bigger and grander than we ever imagined. We are building future careers and achieving dreams. 

On behalf of Team Smashed….THANK YOU a Million Times!!!

Dawn Spinella, 

SMASHED Director/Writer

UPDATED DEC. 2021 – visit our SMASHED website to see behind the scene photos and social media posts.