Sprinting to Home Base

Sprinting to Home Base

We are still here!

Behind the scenes!  Working on SMASHED and I want to give you a little insider update.

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Production was a whirlwind. We faced numerous challenges starting on Day 1 of production when we were shut down at lunch due to a Covid concern. Everybody was fine, but we lost great momentum and half a day of production. This was supposed to be a three-day shoot, so half a day is vital. Of course, we didn’t let it derail us and quickly started figuring out how we were going to get everything we needed in less time. 

Now, some of you may know we had three working production cameras. This allowed us to get multiple angles during each shot, and probably ended up saving us time, but we still only had time for maybe three takes for each set up/shot, and most of the time only two takes. Time was of the essence. Thankfully, my crew and actors were on it. 

I spent a lot of time with actors focusing on the continuity of the show. Because it’s set in the world of home-shopping and technically happens on multiple sets in a short time frame, continuity was really important. We shot out of order, so I spent a lot of time with the actors moving through the actual time that takes place in our story — approaching it like a stage play — so the actors could see the overall structure. It was definitely a windy road!

By the time we wrapped, we were all pretty exhausted and excited.


1634771620 IMG 1410 - Sprinting to Home BaseThe actors were amazing. The crew exceeded my expectations and shooting on the CBS Television City sound stage was simply electrifying. I’ll have more to update y’all on soon, but I’ve got to get back to post now. 

I’ve been working with my editing team for the past two months trying to get this rascal shaped up. We’re just about at picture lock and head to Universal for some sound and color sweetening in early November. I can’t wait to share this magnificent movie with you. 

Dawn Spinella

SMAHSED – Writer/Director