Smashed Poster – First Look

Smashed Poster – First Look

Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to share a first look with you!

Uptown Studios in Sacramento did a fabulous job of creating a poster that we couldn’t be more proud of.

All the main characters pop out of the television. They are hosts who work for SIA – Sell It All; Lana, front and center, to her right is Barb, the antagonist, behind Barb you see Ermine and Roe and on the opposite side, in red is Jess, Lana’s daughter, and behind her is Willis.

The bourbon balls (and bourbon bottle) are seen rolling across the floor, and holiday garland issues from the television.

The tag line — not as long as the logline, gives us an idea of what we will see and the tone.

She’s got 20 minutes to fix her life. Does she have the balls?