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Show Don’t Tell
In my recent short-form screenwriting class, a student asked about the ‘show don’t tell’ technique/rule/commandment. I think the easiest way
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Most Glaring Screenplay Problem: Lesson 1
LESSON 1: UNDERDEVELOPED PLOTS   I love this visual. In fact, I love it so much I thought I would
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Based On or Inspired By… Who Cares!
The terms “based on” and “inspired by” suggest very different standards of adherence to the facts providing the ideas for a
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Place Called Sacramento Script Deadline: March
Call for Film Scripts – Take a Class to Help
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Short-Form Screenwriting Class Begins…
Screenwriting Competition — Now Accepting Screenplays Is your script ready?  Writing screenplays is a beast, so shouldn’t a short screenplay
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Filmmaking School: A Year Long Journey
None of them had any filmmaking experience, and even fewer had any interest. This is high school, after all, and
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Embracing Criticism or Stop Being Right
There’s a reason I like to call it feedback instead of criticism. First, feedback doesn’t sound so harsh, and second,
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60% – My Students Sweep PCS – Again.
And if it sounds like I’m bragging, maybe I am. Just a little. Because I’m proud of my students. And
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Screenwriting Competition Strategies
Screenwriting competitions require strategies;   You’ve worked hard on your script. Plotting. Crafting. Writing. Rewriting. Reading. Rewriting. Basically, you’ve done everything
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My Students Take 50% of the Wins!
Of the ten winners from a Place Called Sacramento Screenwriting competition, half of them came from my recent screenwriting class.
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Take the Easterseals Disability 2018 Film Challenge!
Ready to put your film maker and writer skills to use? Th 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge is right around
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Build Your Film Resume
A PLACE CALLED SACRAMENTO — Short Film Competition Access Sacramento hosts this awesome opportunity for film-makers. Each year, Access Sacramento
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Structure is Power
Structure = Power The formula to life — wake up everyday and breathe.  Yet, I hear people talk about creative
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In A Heartbeat: Under 5
In A Heartbeat is a wonderful little short film, about 4 minutes long, that is both impactful and entertaining. It’s
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Free Screenplay Formatting Software
Free screenplay formatting software makes writing easy.  The hardest part of screenwriting is what you don’t see. However, it’s whats
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Piper: Structural Review
Free screenplay formatting software makes writing easy.  The hardest part of screenwriting is what you don’t see. However, it’s whats
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