Power Screenwriting Competitions

Power Screenwriting Competitions

If you’re ready to LAUNCH your writing career, the Nicholl Fellowship and Austin Screenwriting Competition are your best bets.  Agents, managers, and executives read the winning scripts, which means you’ll find representation or enough interest to get into rooms you wouldn’t have been in otherwise. 

The following competitions don’t have the same clout as Nicholl or Austin, but they carry a lot of weight and are worth the entry fee. 

The Nicholl Fellowship is for feature submission only, while Austin has feature, shorts, digital and television. 

PAGE International  categories include: feature, short and tv pilot

Script Pipeline  categories include: feature and tv pilot

TrackingB  categories: feature 

Final Draft Big Break  categories: feature


BlueCat  categories: feature, short and pilot

Finish Line

Slamdance  categories: feature, short and tv pilot

Scriptapalooza  categories: feature and tv pilot

Precise deadlines change each year so do your research and don’t wait until the last minute.