Screenwriting Structure Cards 6×4


Screenwriting Structure Cards — perfect for outlining your screenplay or novel. Or Teaching!

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After years of outlining screenplays on 3×5 cards I came up with a system that satisfies both VISUAL and VISCERAL styles of outlining, and appeals to our ‘green’ sensibilities. 

Screenwriting Structure Cards guide writers through the process of outlining by using a visual prompt along with a written statement that sums up a phase of the journey. 

The cards represent the most common, and critical phases of a well-crafted screenplay or teleplay. The images inspire writers to think visually, which is the core of screenwriting. Each card includes a title, as well as a short sentence or two describing that phase. 

These cards are great for organizing your thoughts, outlining, sharing your outline with non-writers, teaching, and writing a well-crafted screenplay. Use them with 3×5 cards, a white board, in a room, an office– anywhere you write. 

The cards have a laminated finish so you can make notes with a DRY ERASE PEN directly onto the card surface, refine your thoughts, change your ideas, and keep track of it all in REAL TIME right in front you and then ERASE your notes.  Use the cards over and over again. No more waste. No more mess. 

There are two buying options; 

Hard Copy:

6×4″ cards, perfect for everyday use. Regularly $15.99 but offered at an Introductory Price $10.99

Larger format cards for group and teaching also available!

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