Missing, AKA I Couldn’t Forget Her — short

Originally titled; Missing, the director decided to rename the short, as well as the characters.  The short was produced at UCLA while studying with Bobby Moresco, co-writer of Crash. Bobby had amazing words of wisdom and I learned so much from him.

Ultimately, being writer/director is the best track to success.

Directors want to change the material to meet their sensibilities. The writer is the one with the vision, and if others struggle with how to present that vision, they change it, no matter how clear it is to you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and not everyone can grasp another’s vision. There are other reasons for changing material — and often it is to put your own mark on it (the biggest reason so many bad movies get made), make it easier to present the material, not enough time to tell the story, etc…

My first drafts gave the mother a stronger role, more conflicted. This version focuses more on the police officer. It remains powerful, but less complex. It also made telling the story easier. Faster. More simple. Probably necessary for the length of time we had to prepare for the shoot and tell the story in (under 7 minutes).

The director did a nice job of taking his time with character reaction and realization. That gives the actors opportunity to create something for us to hold onto. And they do a superb job.

The production quality is beautiful. My only issue is the presentation of the credits — plastered across one page makes it difficult to read, but there were time limits and presenting credits in this manner saved a lot of seconds.  Enjoy.