Screenwriting Structure Cards

Screenwriting Structure Cards

Visual Tools for Storytellers!


I’m a visual storyteller, and I learn best with visual materials. That’s why I created these custom outlining cards inspired by Joseph Campbell’s mythic structure of the Hero’s Journey.Simple Structure Cards 14 210x300 - Screenwriting Structure Cards

Each Screenwriting Structure Card represents a phase of the hero’s journey. These phases are common to the majority of American-crafted screenplays, and even episodic structure. I’ve included the title of the phase, as well as a short sentence or two describing that phase. The other half of the card is white space for the writer to create.

I’ve been using the small 3×5 cards to outline for years, and I love them, but I got tired of having to cross out sentences and constantly look at my messy cards. (I’m a little OCD).

Besides, it’s all text. No pictures. And I love having images to look at to help inspire me and keep me focused.

structure cards small 2 of 13 1 300x200 - Screenwriting Structure Cards

The dry-erase surface allows you to makes notes, jot ideas, organize scenes, brainstorm, or simply keep reminders nearby. The possibilities are endless.

Pin them to a cork-board, a wall, or even tape them to a surface. Perfect for shaping your outline. 

AND… they make great TEACHING TOOLS as well. 

There are two buying options; 

Hard Copy:

6×4″ cards, perfect for everyday use. Regularly $15.99, available at the Introductory Price $10.99

8×5″ cards, for larger group formats and teaching. Regularly $19.99, available at the Introductory Price $15.99


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